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Why Kindle 3 is the best portable device

I’ve many portable electronic devices. I can proudly say in fact I have everything. iPod, iPad, iPhone, Samsung note, PSP, netbook, kindle, digital camera and lots more.

This trip to China, I need careful planning to decide which devices to bring to kill my extra time here. Eventually I brought my iPad for movies, iPhone for phone and kindle for reading. My wife brought our netbook here and left it in china so that next time, we need not carry here again.

Although there’s Internet at my wife’s house, my iPad and iPhone can’t log on to the net. The technology is still old here and needs a dialer to make the connection. I can configure the netbook, however iPad and iPhone don’t support this feature. Basically they are handicap over here.

Luckily, some times back, I bought a Kindle 3 3G. That time I’m still deciding which kindle to buy as the prices are relatively cheap. The latest on market was kindle 4 and kindle fire, but I decided to get kindle 3 and I was glad I made the right decision.

First of all, I’m deciding whether to get a wifi or 3G version. Since the price difference is only $50, it’s no brainer to get the 3G version. Remember, it’s the convenience that count since you will only get this kindle once. Get the 3G one.

Next, cancel out the devices that don’t support 3G. That works out to non-color kindle only. Kindle fire doesn’t have 3G version, so I don’t want it.

Another important point is the battery life. Non color kindle can last around 1 month with a fully charged battery. Kindle fire can last only 1-3 days, even lesser than iPad. This concluded that I right to leave out kindle fire and go for non color kindle. So which one to get? Either kindle 3 or kindle 4.

I continued with my researches and realized one very important point that make the deciding factor. Kindle 4, although can surf net anywhere in the world for free, it only allows Amazon website and Wikipedia. I guessed it was because Kindle 3 was a huge success and Amazon decided to limit the web access.

I immediately go online and ordered my Kindle 3 3G. After I received mine, I loaded it with tons of ebooks such as “The Hunger Games” etc … There are tons of free ebooks everywhere. Just do a google search and you’ll find a lot. However I mainly download mine from Amazon best seller list.

Another important, perhaps the most important one during my trip to China was the ability to read my RSS from my kindle. This was important as I was a huge fan of RSS. I read all my news, blogging tips, making money online, iPhone news, stocks and lots more through RSS. Ever since I came to China, I was totally lost. My iPhone and iPad could not connect to the net to receive my news and I couldn’t keep up with the world.

Until recently, I found a Free Site for kindle, which was able to read my RSS feeds. It total change my view on Kindle and I’m now ranking kindle as my no. 1 electronic device. Imagine I’m reading news and ebooks anywhere in the world for free, access facebook and twitter in China where the great firewall can’t block. And the battery life last one month! The device is light and the e-ink doesn’t strain my eyes, unlike iPad which I totally don’t advise to use it for reading.

However, kindle isn’t so perfect. The only bad point I can think of is the inability to read in the dark. I remember I wanted to do some reading at night while my wife was asleep, but couldn’t. To counter this problem, I’ve purchase a separate case with LED light to allow me to continue my reading.

So today, if you ask me to bring 1 electronic device with me overseas, just only one, I’ll say it’ll be my Kindle 3. I simply love it so much I’m thinking of getting another one before Amazon decided to discontinue the production. So what’s your favorite device? Let me know ok?


Feeling Lost

It’s the 2nd last day today (Sat) in Rugao. I had so much fun here and kind of feeling a bit lost and sad to go back.

This is the 1st time having this feeling. Last year was a total disaster. The weather was too cold, snowing a few days during my trip. Food was not what I like. Unable to shower due to the coldness. Without these basic necessaries, I totally want to fly back to Singapore immediately.

Not this time. First of all, we select a nice time to go back – Apr. Weather’s around 18c mainly, just nice for outdoor activities. Parents-in-law asked about the food I liked and they really spent a lot of efforts to cook my favorite food every meal! Thanks!

I showered every day. I’m a hygienic person. No shower, no no! I’m glad I’m able to shower everyday here. Not only that, I bought a lot of cheap stuff from Taobao. We went several places of interest as well. Things just worked out so well.

Now, 2nd last day, I can feel the stress building up. Once back to Singapore, I led my busy, hectic life once more. The most unbearable was my night shift work. I can’t see my wife at all. Our off days were different. Things shouldn’t be that way.

I’ll have my annual RT from May till July, which means I have lesser sleep 3 days per week. It’s terrible, but thinking on the brighter side, it’s good for me. I always stress out when I lose time to do my businesses. I need to succeed fast to lead a more comfortable life, to give my parents a better life, therefore I need to succeed in life fast!

Now I’m planning my life for the next 3 months. I need to get things right. First of all, I need to get a day shift job in order to maintain my family life. That’s the most important to me. I do not want to neglect my wife for a job.

Next, I need to get my Internet income up. My cousin-in-law was doing internet business as well. And I was guessing he earned over $25k monthly. Shit! I was wasting my time! I need to get my 4 blogs up Google ranking, giving me a passive income of target $100 monthly each. It shouldn’t be too hard, I just need to find the way.

I’m working on 2 iOS apps now, hoping to be able to launch them by end next month (end of May) and target to launch another 3 more apps this year. I plan to launch 5 apps this year, pick the profitable ones and convert to Android and launch in dual platform. I’m not sure about the earnings, but I’m update here in my blog.

Lastly, I plan to buy goods from Taobao and sell worldwide. I realized I have connections in China which I can easily get the goods. I’ve personally purchased several of them and the quality was fantastic. Now the tough part was to market worldwide. I used to do it several years ago, but stopped due to some personal reasons. Now I’m back , stronger, smarter. I must achieve success in a faster way. I’ll try marketing in Singapore first. My plan is not to meet up with customers as I don’t want to commit the same mistake. I simply do not have the time. Everything’s by delivery and email. I know things will be slow and takes time to build trust, let’s see again 3 months later.

So in summary, from May to July, I’ve:
– RT
– looking for day job
– increase earnings in my internet businesses
– complete and sell 2 apps in Apple store.
– start selling goods from Taobao.

Things are getting busier, but I like it. It allows me to get nearer to my goal. So do you plan your life? Let me know!

Blogging At My Own Pace

I’ve many blogs. Some of the recent ones are Green Energy Blog and Succeed In Life Blog. All my blogs are making money, but why do I choose a free for my personal blog?

This question had been surrounding me for many years, ever since my first internet business was up. First of all, if you read my blog, you’ll realize that I definitely not blogging consistently, especially for my personal blog. I always remind myself to blog more, however I was always tied up with my other businesses (the most recent ones are iOS apps) and neglected this.

Because of this, I decided to get a free blog. I hope my blog will be on cyberspace forever, and need not worry about paying the yearly subscription. I can blog whenever I want and the blog will always be there. Even my kids or grand kids can read about my life in future.

I don’t really want to monetize this blog as it’s more personal. I’m using my iPhone to blog this very moment and I’m right here in China. The feeling’s so wonderful to be able to express myself freely. All I did was to download the wordpress app before hand and here I am, mobile blogging.

One of my favorite blogger was Dan Miller – 48 Days. His blog is very personal, yet educational. I’m reading my RSS using my kindle (I’ll talk about how to do it later) and he motivated me to write something everyday. If you read his blog, some of his post are only quotes, some are only 2-3 sentences long, yet they are very meaningful and personal. It tells a lot about him and his life. And that’s what I want to achieve this year.

Since I’m in Rugao, China now for a 2 weeks vacation, I’m replanning my life. I have many things to achieve and consistent blogging is one of it. It really allow me to know myself deeper (try it yourself) and giving myself a mental freedom.

Lunch is here, I’ll blog again when I’m free. So do you like blogging?

China Still Blocks WordPress

As you know, my previous few blog posts were written from my iPhone 4 in china while I’m bored. It’s really nice to be able to write down how I feel and save it first. When there’s wifi available, I’ll upload all my posts.

However today, bored at my wife’s house, I decided to use my laptop and blog, through Guess what? I can’t access to the page. My guts feeling is telling me is one of the victims being blocked by the great firewall of china, together with twitter, YouTube, facebook, etc ….

It’s really sickening when you can’t access to these popular websites. What’s wrong with the Chinese government! Guess I’ll have to live with it. All I can do is to continue shopping at Taobao, Chinese version of eBay. I’ve purchased lots of items from there. Even my wife can’t help buying 7 iPhone 4 and her Samsung Galaxy Note cases.

The items are good, if you know how to search. Some tips from me.

– Search for the items you want.
– Set the desire price range.
– Sort according to items sold.
– Pat attention to feedbacks. The higher the better.
– Pay attention to the score. I’ll usually buy from 4.8. 4.7 is still acceptable and anything less than that, I’ll pass.

Follow these criterial and you won’t go wrong. So how your own shopping experience? Tell me about it.

My Wife – A Modern Ge Ge

One of the places of interest in Rugao was Ding Hua Chan Shi, a well known temple.

Inside were many huge status of Chinese gods, mainly for devotees to seek a piece of mind through mandating and praying.

There was a huge pagoda, over 6 stories high. However you have to pay Rmb 6.50 to get in. We refused to pay and seek another alternative.

Right outside the temple was a photo taking shop. You can wear clothes like historical figures and take photos. My wife was very excited about wearing clothes like Ge Ge, a princess of ancient times.

After dressing up, we proceeded to the pandora for photo shoot, free of charge! That’s our tips for you!

3rd Trip To Rugao

It’s been a very long time since my last post (over a year). Since 2010-2011, I’ve been super busy with a lot of things.

My business had been ups and downs. I’ll talk more about it next time. Right now, I’m at my wife’s hometown, Rugao, for the 3rd time. Any changes? Well a lot!

First of all, there were lots of Apple stores around. iPhone 4s was the first Apple model to be launched in China. Since then, iPhone was populated in China. You can see the craze everywhere. No doubt the price was a hefty Rmb5000+, ppl don’t care! There are plenty of rich people around, perhaps more than anywhere in the world.

The cost of living was extremely high, so high to a point I’m calculating how a normal person can live with their humble wages. I’ll give an example. I went to a restaurant for breakfast, selling crab meat bun. Can you guess how much it sells? Rmb15! Which is around S$3/bun! I don’t remember eating a bun for $3 in Singapore, and here in China where a normal worker’s pay is around Rmb2000, how can they afford this kind of lifestyle?

Right now I had just finished my lunch at another restaurant with over 30 courses. It’s simple crazy how the rich is living here – totally like a king!

My 3rd uncle is shopping for a new house in Rugao City. A 2nd hand 130m2 cost Rmb400,000! What’s the different comparing to Spore! No wonder newly wed couples depend on parents to finance their flat. The couples income alone will not be able to afford the installment even for 60 years!

That’s all for my post at Rugao. If you like to know more, you can follow me at Twitter. Peace!