Mobile Blogging – Clementi Mall Burger King

I guessed I just came leave Clementi. I tried to do my mobile blogging once a week at different location, but somehow I always ended in Clementi Mall. I’m still enjoying the air con here, since summer is here. Singapore can get as hot as 34c on some days. Today was 32c.

I paid off my hp/ credit cards bills and decided to stop at BK for a drink, pulled out my iPad and started reading some RSS. Feeling bored, I decided to do my mobile blogging here. I was quite surprised that BK provided free Wifi, which is pretty neat. It did captured me to come over instead of choosing other fast food restaurants.

Not many people were here, the place was quiet and nice. There were several students studying here, a common site in Singapore, especially when exams were around the corners. Bad thing about here was no music. Usually fast food restaurants would played soft music, but not this one. It gave me a lonely feeling and i pulled out my earphones to play some music to keep myself occupied.

I’ve been very tired this whole week. Juggling with my work, my routine exercises and of course, my Internet marketing business. I did not see tremendous improvement in traffic despite my keyword ranked in first page this week with a monthly searches of 8900. I haven’t figure out why, and will continue to push to the top 3 rankings.

My flat hunting came to a halt when my agent told me there wasn’t much flats to view. I trusted him, but it was already 1 month since my last view. I had to do something about it, else I won’t know when I’ll find my flat. My wife wasn’t very happy as well. I’ll start looking for new agents, at mean time giving my current agent another chance to earn my commission.

Work hasn’t been smooth, especially some of my closest colleagues will be leaving this week. I wish them all the best in their new career and I’ll start searching for mine sometimes early next year when my contract’s up, if my current company doesn’t give me what I want. I believe i can get something better with my knowledge. Maybe I’m too ambitious? It’s a good thing right?

Ok I’ll seat here a while more while waiting for my wife to finish work. God i miss her already!


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