Electric Cig Machine – Improving Keyword Ranking In Google

Since my previous post about my targeted keyword, I started to do massive link buildings. There were tons of strategies, but I chose the ones that suit me the best – article marketing.

It wasn’t as easy as it sound, as there were many things that need understand before doing. Purely linking to your website will not do any good. I’ll continue to try my methods and if my keywords indeed proven to rise to first page of Google, I’ll release what I do to make it happen.

We’ll check my previous ranking:

On 1/5/11 – Electric Cig Machine (Position 20)
On 7/5/11 – Electric Cig Machine (Position 19) +1
On 22/5/11 – Electric Cig Machine (Position 13) +6
electric cig machine ranking

I was so happy when I found out my keyword went up 6 places. Of course I know my website will rover few places around 13, but it took me only 2 weeks to get to top 13!

My next target was to make it to Top 10, and my job was almost done. I will continue to update my progress. Pray for me!


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