Mobile Blogging – Clementi Public Free Clinic Society

Clementi Public Free Clinic Society

I don’t expect to blog here, but since I’m waiting for my wife at Clementi Public Free Clinic, I decided not to waste any time. That’s the beauty of Mobile Blogging from iPad.

My wife is here for her regular check up. It’s a Chinese physician clinic, not the normal western kind of check up. Chinese believed that by regularly consuming Chinese Medicine, one can strengthen their bodies. My wife has been working very hard recently, both at work and her part time job as a manicurist. Her dream was to start her own line of manicure shops, and she was working hard towards her dream. But at the mean time, she had to take care of her body too, that’s why she was here for her check up and got some prescribed herbs.

There were many people waiting when we arrived, made up mostly of the elderly. Cost played a major factor here. The consultation was free, we just have to pay for the medicine. 2 weeks doses cost around $15, 2 times a day. I find the service here excellence. No wonder both the young and old were here.

There were 6 consultation rooms, able to see 6 patients at every one time, making the process fast and efficient. It was well managed. I find most of the private clinics can’t even match their service.

Public Free Clinic Society was funded by a number of sponsors, from companies such as Singapore Buddhist Youth Mission to individual. They has a donation box at the side of the clinic for donations to keep the clinic running. The physicians are all well trained and certified, approved by Singapore Medical Board, so one can be worry free if it’s your first time.

I am glad Clementi has such a cheap and affordable public clinic to service it’s people. The Public Free Clinic is located at Clementi Ave 2, Blk 327. I love this town!


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