My Keywords Ranking Over Weeks

As you know I’ve been into my new niche – Smoke Electronic Cigarette. I’ll start everything from stretch and do everything myself. I’ll write down my whole process and hope my readers can learn from my mistakes. Once a while, I’ll hit my wall, but rest assure I’ll break that and continue to move forward.

Since my new niche is about quit smoking, or rather smoke healthier by choosing to smoke electronic cigarette, I need to have a set of keywords to target. My landing page, a place where I want my visitors to land, will be my blog and I’ll be writing original posts there. So whatever keywords I targeted, as long as they are related to “Quit Smoking” or “Electronic Cigarette“, I’ll be able to rank those keywords.

After researching for some times, I firstly decided to rank “Electric Cig Machine“. It had Global Searches of 8,100 every month and competitions of 5,320. I guess I’m able to rank this keyword at the first page of Google quite fast.

My target of each keyword is to rank them at the first page, and then move on to the next keywords, as it’ll be quite wasting time if I keep focusing on 1 keyword. To really rank 1 keyword from Page 1 to No. 1, I probably can rank another 3 keywords already. I’ll let my keyword naturally rise to top few positions when my blog becomes my popular. Let me test if my style works.

I was not able to screen capture my initial ranking for my keyword “Electric Cig Machine”, but captured it after a few days.

On 1/5/11 – Electric Cig Machine (Position 20)
Electric Cig Machine Ranking on 1/5So this considered my first raw ranking. I’ll discuss my methods of ranking later in my post, provided my methods work first. No point telling you, yet they do not work.

Some days later, I decided to check my ranking again.

On 7/5/11 – Electric Cig Machine (Position 19) +1
Electric Cig Machine Keyword RankingI’m quite excited about this when my website moved forward. It’s only my first try and my website already moved into 2nd page of Google. I’m not sure if my methods really push my website forward, or WordPress ranked my website high from the start. Nevertheless, I’ll test my methods to confirm.

Maybe a long the way, I’ll try to rank a few keywords concurrently to keep testing. I’ll keep you posted. Once proven my website moved progressively, I’ll let you know my methods step by step. Wish me luck!


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