Mobile Blogging From National Library @ Clementi Mall

I like to bring my iPad everywhere I go, and tried to blog or tweets whenever there’s Internet connection. Alright, I should have bought 3G version, but it doesn’t matter. What I really enjoy is mobile. I’m able to bring my business everywhere i go with the help of technology.

My target is to blog from different places at least once a week. In this way, I’ll have to “force” myself to relax, and i don’t have to crack my head over what to write every week. And most importantly, that’s why I started Internet business, I want to enjoy the mobility!

Currently I’m sitting at the far back of newly opened Clementi Mall National Library. It’s locate on the 5th. I was surprised to see more elders than students here, maybe due to the time. It’s 12.32pm right now, time for students to go school and elders to come out and play. The environment is clean, quiet and cold. People were sitting around me, reading books while I pulled out my iPad and read. They must be thinking can’t i read at home? Why must I come here and fight a place with them. Haha I don’t care! I live the way I want!

Just mentioned the time, i’m starting to get hungry. I still remember last time i did blog from BK right at B1 of Clementi Mall, maybe I’ll grab a burger from there again.

Ok till next mobile blogging update, take care!

Clementi National Libraray

Mobile Blogging


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