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Mobile Blogging – Clementi Mall Burger King

I guessed I just came leave Clementi. I tried to do my mobile blogging once a week at different location, but somehow I always ended in Clementi Mall. I’m still enjoying the air con here, since summer is here. Singapore can get as hot as 34c on some days. Today was 32c.

I paid off my hp/ credit cards bills and decided to stop at BK for a drink, pulled out my iPad and started reading some RSS. Feeling bored, I decided to do my mobile blogging here. I was quite surprised that BK provided free Wifi, which is pretty neat. It did captured me to come over instead of choosing other fast food restaurants.

Not many people were here, the place was quiet and nice. There were several students studying here, a common site in Singapore, especially when exams were around the corners. Bad thing about here was no music. Usually fast food restaurants would played soft music, but not this one. It gave me a lonely feeling and i pulled out my earphones to play some music to keep myself occupied.

I’ve been very tired this whole week. Juggling with my work, my routine exercises and of course, my Internet marketing business. I did not see tremendous improvement in traffic despite my keyword ranked in first page this week with a monthly searches of 8900. I haven’t figure out why, and will continue to push to the top 3 rankings.

My flat hunting came to a halt when my agent told me there wasn’t much flats to view. I trusted him, but it was already 1 month since my last view. I had to do something about it, else I won’t know when I’ll find my flat. My wife wasn’t very happy as well. I’ll start looking for new agents, at mean time giving my current agent another chance to earn my commission.

Work hasn’t been smooth, especially some of my closest colleagues will be leaving this week. I wish them all the best in their new career and I’ll start searching for mine sometimes early next year when my contract’s up, if my current company doesn’t give me what I want. I believe i can get something better with my knowledge. Maybe I’m too ambitious? It’s a good thing right?

Ok I’ll seat here a while more while waiting for my wife to finish work. God i miss her already!


Electric Cig Machine – Improving Keyword Ranking In Google

Since my previous post about my targeted keyword, I started to do massive link buildings. There were tons of strategies, but I chose the ones that suit me the best – article marketing.

It wasn’t as easy as it sound, as there were many things that need understand before doing. Purely linking to your website will not do any good. I’ll continue to try my methods and if my keywords indeed proven to rise to first page of Google, I’ll release what I do to make it happen.

We’ll check my previous ranking:

On 1/5/11 – Electric Cig Machine (Position 20)
On 7/5/11 – Electric Cig Machine (Position 19) +1
On 22/5/11 – Electric Cig Machine (Position 13) +6
electric cig machine ranking

I was so happy when I found out my keyword went up 6 places. Of course I know my website will rover few places around 13, but it took me only 2 weeks to get to top 13!

My next target was to make it to Top 10, and my job was almost done. I will continue to update my progress. Pray for me!

Even Smaller SIM Card For iPhones

Apple had quietly submitted a new request to request for an even smaller SIM card, that will be used for it’s iPhones and iPads. This could lead to an even thinner iDevices as early as next year.

French carrier, Orange already approved the plan and now busy preparing for the new SIM card storm. She states “We were quite happy to see last week that Apple has submitted a new requirement to (European telecoms standards body) ETSI for a smaller SIM form factor — smaller than the one that goes in iPhone 4 and iPad. They have done that through the standardization route, through ETSI, with the sponsorship of some major mobile operators, Orange being one of them.”

The current standard, a micro-SIM, is 15 mm by 12 mm and 0.76 mm thick. How much thinner can they get, and would it really make a difference in terms of iDevice thickness? Let me know in the comments.

Mobile Blogging – Clementi Public Free Clinic Society

Clementi Public Free Clinic Society

I don’t expect to blog here, but since I’m waiting for my wife at Clementi Public Free Clinic, I decided not to waste any time. That’s the beauty of Mobile Blogging from iPad.

My wife is here for her regular check up. It’s a Chinese physician clinic, not the normal western kind of check up. Chinese believed that by regularly consuming Chinese Medicine, one can strengthen their bodies. My wife has been working very hard recently, both at work and her part time job as a manicurist. Her dream was to start her own line of manicure shops, and she was working hard towards her dream. But at the mean time, she had to take care of her body too, that’s why she was here for her check up and got some prescribed herbs.

There were many people waiting when we arrived, made up mostly of the elderly. Cost played a major factor here. The consultation was free, we just have to pay for the medicine. 2 weeks doses cost around $15, 2 times a day. I find the service here excellence. No wonder both the young and old were here.

There were 6 consultation rooms, able to see 6 patients at every one time, making the process fast and efficient. It was well managed. I find most of the private clinics can’t even match their service.

Public Free Clinic Society was funded by a number of sponsors, from companies such as Singapore Buddhist Youth Mission to individual. They has a donation box at the side of the clinic for donations to keep the clinic running. The physicians are all well trained and certified, approved by Singapore Medical Board, so one can be worry free if it’s your first time.

I am glad Clementi has such a cheap and affordable public clinic to service it’s people. The Public Free Clinic is located at Clementi Ave 2, Blk 327. I love this town!

Plan To Exercise – My RT Schedules

I’m not been exercising for the past 1 year, giving excuses like I’m too busy with work, raining, no sports shoes and other 1001 reasons. My body was regrading every day, especially when my work was at night. I had to fight my bio-clock which made me even more unhealthy.

Lucky every year, all guys in Singapore have to go through IPPT, which is a physical test set by the government to test your physical fitness. If you pass, monetary awards will be given. But if you fail, you have to take remedial training. I’m glad to say I’m one of those who fails.

Don’t get me wrong. It is always good to aim pass. But for me, there are several reasons why I say so:

  • RT forces me to train myself and keep myself fit within these few months.
  • I can remove myself from work temporary and breathe some fresh air.
  • I can get some money for every session I take, which mean government is paying me to exercise.

With these reasons, I think going RT is not a bad deal. I have planned my schedule for my training and hope to complete the whole 20 sessions within 2 months. Check my schedule and leave some comments to encourage me ok?

Remedial Training Schedule

Cool iPad 2 Must Have Accessories

After purchasing your iPad 2, you are searching for some of the coolest accessories on market to match your attention stealing iPad. Below are some of the coolest add-on, must have accessories to match your style of carrying your personality out.

Kensington 2nd Gen Bluetooth Keyboard

The Kensington KeyFolio not only protects your iPad when on the road but also provides a handy wireless Bluetooth keyboard and handsfree stand when you reach your destination. The rubberized keys were specially designed to cushion your iPad screen from bumps and scratches when the folio is closed. The magnet-free case ensures uninterrupted operation of the iPad’s digital compass.

Logitech Keyboard Case

Created in collaboration with ZAGG®, the latest Logitech® Keyboard Case features the same sleek aluminum cover with military-grade, high-density padding as Logitech’s previously announced version. The protective case wraps around the iPad 2 to cover the screen and sides, and the Logitech Keyboard Case uses Bluetooth® connectivity to pair the keyboard quickly and easily.

The new Logitech Keyboard Case incorporates a more intuitive keyboard layout and improved keystrokes for even more comfortable typing.  It also adds a recess just behind the keyboard that props up an iPad 2 in portrait or landscape mode, virtually eliminating setup and packup time.

Logitech iPad 2 Wireless USB Speaker

When you want to share your favorite music, the Logitech® Wireless Speaker is a great choice.  It eliminates cables and lets you place your speaker wherever you want — up to 50 feet away from your iPad or Android tablet depending on use, settings and environmental conditions.

And you’ll get rich, full stereo sound — even from across the room — with your speaker’s dual two-inch drivers and plenty of bass. A rechargeable battery powers your speaker for up to 10 hours depending on your use and settings—so you can take your music with you wherever you go. And setup couldn’t be easier. Just pair with your tablet using Bluetooth wireless, and you are ready to listen.

My Keywords Ranking Over Weeks

As you know I’ve been into my new niche – Smoke Electronic Cigarette. I’ll start everything from stretch and do everything myself. I’ll write down my whole process and hope my readers can learn from my mistakes. Once a while, I’ll hit my wall, but rest assure I’ll break that and continue to move forward.

Since my new niche is about quit smoking, or rather smoke healthier by choosing to smoke electronic cigarette, I need to have a set of keywords to target. My landing page, a place where I want my visitors to land, will be my blog and I’ll be writing original posts there. So whatever keywords I targeted, as long as they are related to “Quit Smoking” or “Electronic Cigarette“, I’ll be able to rank those keywords.

After researching for some times, I firstly decided to rank “Electric Cig Machine“. It had Global Searches of 8,100 every month and competitions of 5,320. I guess I’m able to rank this keyword at the first page of Google quite fast.

My target of each keyword is to rank them at the first page, and then move on to the next keywords, as it’ll be quite wasting time if I keep focusing on 1 keyword. To really rank 1 keyword from Page 1 to No. 1, I probably can rank another 3 keywords already. I’ll let my keyword naturally rise to top few positions when my blog becomes my popular. Let me test if my style works.

I was not able to screen capture my initial ranking for my keyword “Electric Cig Machine”, but captured it after a few days.

On 1/5/11 – Electric Cig Machine (Position 20)
Electric Cig Machine Ranking on 1/5So this considered my first raw ranking. I’ll discuss my methods of ranking later in my post, provided my methods work first. No point telling you, yet they do not work.

Some days later, I decided to check my ranking again.

On 7/5/11 – Electric Cig Machine (Position 19) +1
Electric Cig Machine Keyword RankingI’m quite excited about this when my website moved forward. It’s only my first try and my website already moved into 2nd page of Google. I’m not sure if my methods really push my website forward, or WordPress ranked my website high from the start. Nevertheless, I’ll test my methods to confirm.

Maybe a long the way, I’ll try to rank a few keywords concurrently to keep testing. I’ll keep you posted. Once proven my website moved progressively, I’ll let you know my methods step by step. Wish me luck!

iPad 2 Becomes Hologram!

Just when iPad3 rumored to have 3D screen and displayed, which made game developers really busy, a student in Los Angeles came up with a concept to enable hologram to the future iDevices.

Check out the video below to see how he make use to hologram to way his way through iPad. Very cool technology and hope it’ll happen soon.

So do you like 3D screen better, or Hologram better? Let me know ok?

Busy With My New Niche

It’s been a while since I’ve posted at my personal blog. The reason is simple – I’m working on something big, I mean, really big. I’ve been into Internet Marketing for about 3 years now, learning everything from Adsense to Bum marketing, testing niches over niches, earning passive income, but I’m still not satisfied. I want MORE!

So what do I mean. I’m lucky enough to stumble upon an Internet Marketing Expert, and he immediately become my idol and mentor. Why? Cos he’s earning passive income from Internet Marketing, and he’s doing very well. I mean well over $20k-$30k every single month! He is non other than – Pat Flynn, owner of Smart Passive Income.

Usually I don’t really admire people or call them expert. A lot of them are just faking their earnings, claiming they are earning a lot, but Pat Flynn is different. He had been doing internet marketing for a while, and every month, he’ll expose his earnings for his readers. He even break down into different products.

He unselfishly wrote down all his methods and testing step by step his new ideas on his new product. Most importantly, everything he does, he trys to map it to run on autopilot! Simply amazing and bright guy.

I was so inspired by him that I set up a new niche site – Smoke Electronic Cigarette to see if his methods work. He took around 73 days to get his site to rank first on Google. After that, he just spend minimum time on his site, while doing new projects. In this way, his empire grows passively!

I was doing about the same as him, but he was 10x better than me! I have to admit, he is really great! So now, I’ll focus more on my new niche, targeting my keywords and hope they will rank fast. I’ll update my progress like what he did his in blog. Follow me!

You can read my new niche – Smoke Electronic Cigarette here.

Obama thank Steve Jobs For Helping In Capturing Osama

Found a cute comic about how Steve Jobs helped Obama in capturing Osama with Locationgate! Right after Osama was captured, Apple released new iOS4.3.3 to disable it! Coincidental?

Osama Captured Comic