Make Money At Home Easy Home Business – Adsense Exposed! (Part 2)

This is a follow up from my previous post:

Business Home Internet Opportunity Make Money While Online – Adsense Exposed! (Part 1)

After you’ve placed Adsense on your website/ blog. You’ll realized 1 major problem. There’s no one to click your ads! Don’t worry, this is the number 1 problem for everyone, including me.

What you need is traffic to your blog. The higher the traffic, the more money you can make with adsense. Let me break down further.

If 100 people landed on your blog, and 1 person clicked on your adsense, your clickthrough rate is 1%, meaning on average, 1 out of 100 people will click on your Adsense.

So there are 2 important things to increase your earnings:
– increase your traffic
– increase your clickthrough rates

If your visitors increased to 200, your earnings would have double. And if you improved your clickthrough rates to 2%, your earnings would have quadrupled, just like that! That’s how fast Internet Business can easily bring in huge income. How often can your pay increases that fast?

This is some basic data you have to analysis in order for your businesses to grow. You can have a 3rd way to increase your adsense earnings, by opening another website!

For me, I choose all the above. I grow my website 1 by 1 till a point I find I can earn more by opening another website, I’ll stop improving the old one and focus on the new site. In this way, I have passive income to fund my new website, and this goes on …

Right now, I have over 20 sites from all different niches, each and everyone of them is making me a nice passive income.

So what can you do now?

I’ll suggest everyone to start by blogging. If you haven’t register a blog, I suggest you can register Hostgator, the world’s number 1 hosting company, starting from only $3.96/mth.

You can blog anything you like, from your life to your hobbies. You’ll find that traffic will be slow initially, but if you consistently blog everyday, traffic will increase across time and you’ll see your adsense earnings increase as well!

It’s cheap to try blogging and make money at home from this easy way. There are many bloggers who just blog for a living, making a nice paycheck. Even if you stop half way, your blog will still draw traffic, enabling you to earn passively.

So you know how to increase your traffic. Next is to increase your clickthrough rates. Well, there’s no magic to it. You have to do split tests to test the placement of adsense. Some placed their adsense in the middle and have the most clicks, some placed on right hand side, some put in the middle of their blog posts. You have to keep testing to see where is the best place for visitors to click. Once you’ve optimized your blog, you can just sit there and reap the earnings!

To summarized, you add adsense to your blog, and blog everyday. Your target is to improve your traffic and clickthrough rates. Start by making your first $1 online, then work your way up.

If you want to increase your pace by learning more about Earning Money Through Adsense, you can check out Adsense Guild. It teaches everything from most basic to advance way of earning. In no time, you can see your adsense cheque getting fatter and fatter! Good luck and happy blogging!


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