Vacation In Bangkok – Night Market In Bangkok (Part 3)

After you’ve shopped in the day, it’s time for night market shopping. One of the largest and most famous night market in Bangkok was Patpong. It was an entertainment district, internationally known as a red light district at the heart of Bangkok’s sex industry.

But don’t get me wrong. The pubs and shows over there were just part of the attraction. If you haven’t seen the show before, I recommend you to try. All you had to do was to order a drink (ordered unopened can drink like Coke would be safer) and watched their show. They had ladyboy performed some tricks with their body parts, but to me, after a while, I felt bored and left.

If you think shopping in MBK was cheap, Patpong was even cheaper! You can even bargain more over there as the rental was lower. The goods were similar and I suspected they came from the same supplier. You can spend your whole night over there, but remember the timing of the last train 🙂

Patpong Night Market

Another famous thing you must try when you are in Thailand was no other than their traditional Massage. It was different from normal massage which they would pressed your muscles, Thai massage would crack your bones! But trust me, you’ll feel very alive after a 2 hour session, which cost around B$400.

Wife in Massage Costume

The last thing I would recommend was to take a visit to Jim Thompson house. He was a famous silk trader in 1960s, who mysteriously disappeared during a hike in Malaysia.

His house was left untouched and now, turned into a museum. He had collections of sculptures of 7th century and utensils from Qing Dynasty!

Jim Thompson’s house was just 3 min walk from Central station, or 10 min walk from Asia Hotel. Do visit and learned part of their culture.

Outside Jim Thompson's House

Jim Thompson Newspaper Cuttings


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