Vacation In Bangkok – Shopping In Bangkok (Part 2)

MBK, or Mahboonkrong is one of the best shopping centers in Bangkok. It held over 2000 stores, spreading over 8 stories high, with cinema on top and lots of restaurants, ranging from Traditional Thai food to Japanese and America food. Basically you can find anything you want in MBK.

When you come to Bangkok for shopping, no one will have the right mind to buy any original products as Bangkok is notorious for their imitation goods. They had everything from Birkenstocks Slippers all the way to Gucci Caps.

The trade-off was, you had to bargain – hard! The sellers would usually quote the price around 300% higher. For example, an Adidas cap starting price would be B$500. You could bargain for B$100 and the selling price could be B$150.

I admitted I’m not a natural bargainer, as I usually buy things for fixed price. But as a chinese saying “If you pity your enemies, you are only cruel to yourself”, so rather kill more then let it go!

I would recommend some Polo Ralph shirt that cost around B$200-B$250. They looked really real. You can find cheap caps as well. Sunglasses, watches and soccer jerseys used to have very good quality but this time, I gave a pass as the products look rather faked.

At night, MBK would hold events such as dancing competitions. I was quite surprised that Thai were very supportive of such events. They would cheered for their friends and even danced along! It was a fantastic sight!

Dancing Competition At MBK

Another must do thing when you come to Bangkok (if you are a Buddhist) was to pray Four-Faced Buddha of Erawan Shrine. It was famous for the “wishes come true”. Even many celebrities made way between their busy schedule just to pray for good fortune and smooth career.

It was just 2 train stations away from Asia Hotel/ MBK. If you choose to walk, it’ll be around 15min walk from MBK.

There were traditional Thai music and dancing which you can experience over there. The way to pray was Clockwise. If you can’t remember, just follow the crowd like what I do 🙂

4 Faced Buddha of Erawan Shrine

Traditional Thai Dance


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