How To Earn Money Instantly Online – The Myth Of Paid Surveys Exposed!

Have you ever walk along the busy streets and someone approached you, asking your help to fill up a survey? Well, I encountered this many times. They would tried their best to grab your attention and told you it would take only 5min to fill up. You pity them, stopped whatever you were doing and filled up the forms.

Guess what? You’ve just made them richer! These people were paid by asking other people to fill up survey forms! And what you get in return? A big smile and thank you, for making me money 🙂

So why would companies hired people to fill up surveys forms? Actually this was market researches. Big companies like Coke, Pepsi, Nike, Apple, Facebook, etc … would very much be interested in what normal people like you and me think of their products.

They want more detailed reports on the consumer’s behavior, such as:
– Age group particularly interested in their products,
– Amt willing to spend,
– How often you used their products, etc …

With these information, the companies would know how to laser target these people, and in return making more sales. The data they’ve collected would worth much more than they’ve paid for the people, as the returns would favor them for many years.

So after understanding how Paid Surveys worked, how would you benefit from it? It’s very simple. Instead of filling up surveys for others and make them richer, why not get paid to fill up surveys?

These companies offered online surveys as well, and you could easily get paid from $5-$75 per survey, depending on how long the survey took. The companies would pay usually cash, or vouchers, depending on individual.

This was one of my ways of making instant cash online. I would create an email just to receive all surveys, and fill up whenever I’m free. Not only I can earn anywhere I want, I can do it at 3am in the morning!

Below is a screen shot of my recent surveys. I’ve much more to join, but just lazy 🙂

List of Surveys

Pretty interesting huh? So the next question would be, how to join? Paid Survey System is a company that compile companies around the world that offer surveys to be filled up. You can sign up as member just once, and access to their database forever! They would update their database monthly, so you would not left out any money on the table!

To me, it’s worth it as this income will be lifetime, until the day I decided to stop.


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