Vacation In Bangkok – To Do In Bangkok (Part 1)

Taking a vacation from our busy schedule was really the nicest thing to have. We feel so alive suddenly after burying from tons of work loads and tsunami of pressure. If you have just few days, why not choose Bangkok as your holiday destination?

On the day of our journey to Bangkok, my wife and I woke up super early (~4am) as we wanted to enjoy our breakfast at Changi Airport. I like the atmosphere there, so serene, clean and spacious. The lights were bright and having a cup of coffee there, watching the travelers rushing for their flights was indeed priceless.

I took many flights around the world before, but Singapore Airline was still my number 1 choice. Although the prices were slightly more expensive, but you’ll receive world class services and of course, safety. Singapore Airline had clean record for almost 50 years!

The hotel I chose in Bangkok was Asia Hotel Bangkok. It was a 4 star hotel and I had been staying in this hotel every time I visited Bangkok for the past 5 years, without even considering changing one. Their services were good and the staffs were friendly. The main reason was because of their location. Asia Hotel was located right besides a Skytrain Station and it was just around 10min walk to one of the best shopping center in Bangkok – MBK.

Asia Hotel Room

First thing after we had checked in to our hotel was to take a shower. The weather was hot and humid, similar to Singapore. I wanted to clean myself before I started my shopping therapy.

Things haven’t changed much since I came in 2006. I found the roads were much cleaner though, but traffic was still very congested. They had pink color cabs which made my wife so happy that she wanted to take a pic.

Standing Outside MBK

We had Japanese food for lunch before having Swensen for dessert. Guess how much it cost? My wife ordered banana split and I ordered Sticky Chewy Chocolate. They cost about B99 each! It’s about SGD$4/-! They did not include service charges or taxes which make this my favorite hangout everyday!

Banana Split

Sticky Chewy Chocolate

After our Swensen treat, it’s time for shopping! Well, that’s for another post!


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