Apple iPad 2i – Upgrade To Retina Screen

Apple iPad 2i

Just when Apple released iPad 2 few weeks ago, news leaked saying another version of iPad 2, called iPad 2i will be released soon.

So what’s the difference? Basically there are 2. First, it’ll be an upgrade to Retina Screen, which totally kick ass and make your movies came alive right at the palm of your hand.

The other difference will be the colour. They will release not only black and white version, but a new charcoal version will be seen on the market.

Seems cool until you heard the prices. It’ll make your $150 poorer if you decided to purchase the newer iPad 2i.

iPad 2 – 16Gb Wi-fi – $499
iPad 2i – 16Gb Wi-fi – $649

So does it worth to get iPad 2i? What do you think?


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