Why I Wanted To Start My Business – Part 3

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I quitted my job right after, but of course I did not become jobless. I found another job which had internet access and I was given a laptop. Though it wasn’t really ethical to do my business while working, I had to focus, multitasking and cut my break time to do more marketing. It wasn’t easy at first. There were big players in the industry already. What’s important was the learning process. I slept basically less than 4 hours everyday, working on my website, updating the phone prices, collecting stocks from vendor and deliver goods to my customers. On top of that, I had phone calls every hour, 24×7, disturbing my private life. Luckily I had an understanding gf, whom became my lovely wife!

The business was a success. Soon, my income surplus my job. It was fast. Once you have regular customers, they would recommend their friends and it grew viral. I though of quitting my day job to do full time, but soon things going downhill. My website was down, people started accusing me in forums (mainly my competitors) and other things that pulled me down. My income dropped, I became demoralized. Luckily I still had my day job to support me.

Fast forward, my phone business recovered and survived for another 2 years. I finally decided to let it go mainly because of these few reasons:

– profit margins were low. Each phone sold earned me $10-$30 maximum.
– Not enough time. I had to collect goods, delivered good, updated my prices to match my competitors. On top of all these, I’m still working full time job.
– Not able to expand. There wasn’t any future in this business. I could open a shop, but that defeat my purpose of starting a business. I wanted freedom, and not to be tied to a shop!
– No FREE time! It was the main reason I stopped my business. Although earnings came back, but I hardly had any time for myself, needless to say for my family and girlfriend.

While working, I studied other business ideas and found an Internet Business model called Affiliate Marketing. It basically just market the product to customers, and if they purchased, you earned. That simply!

This business model basically solved every of my problems. I did not have to handle goods, or deliver goods to customers. I did not have to do any tough payments, nor do I get disturbed. All I have to do was to find the hungry market and market the products to them!

This was how I started my first Internet marketing business and my journey began. There were many ways of earning online and affiliate marketing was once of them. I kicked off by joining Clickbank, the largest marketplace you can find online. They had tons of products updated every week and never late for any payment before! You just have to focus on your marketing and they will handle the rest!

I’ll show you how to make your first sale in next few posts. Right now, you can open your FREE account with Clickbank and start searching for some Clickbank success stories!


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