Singapore Budget Airlines – Not So Budget …

I was planning a trip to Bangkok, Thailand for a short holiday with my wife next week. It was rather a last minute decision as I wanted to surprise her, giving her just enough notice to apply leave from her company.

I went there several times and before and I had no problems navigating around that area. The only problem was to quickly secure a flight and hotel. Since Thailand was just less than 2 hrs of flight, I decided to go with Budget Airlines.

There were 3 main Budget Airlines in Singapore, Tiger Airways, Air Asia and Jetstar Airways. After comparing the prices, Tiger Airways provided the cheapest tickets.

The problem came when I wanted to book my tickets. I chose the dates for single trip and the prices started $147. But on the left hand side, after included the airport taxes, it added to $165. At this point, it was still consider fair, as all airlines had to pay airport taxes.

Continuing in, it was asking if we needed additional weight for our luggage. The maximum allowances was 1 hand-carry of 7Kg. Since I was going there for shopping. I decided to purchase the “15kg for $15” option. At this point, it was still acceptable.

The prices shot up to $180. Next page was Seat Selection. In order to have good seats, we needed to pay extra. The prices ranged from $5 – $30. I was rather pissed off at this point and decided not to select any seats. I felt that it was a waste of money.

More ridiculous thing started to happen. There’s an option for “Board Me First” which cost $6! What’s the point? I skip that as well.

Finally, after entering my credit card details, I found another hidden cost which was very tiny and probably not much people would notice. The convenience fee of $7!
That was it! The total amount added up to be $193, from the initial $147 promoting prices, and I’ve skipped many additional costs. If I added everything, it would cost well over $200!

I closed my window, login to my favorite Singapore Airlines and checked the prices. Guess how much I paid for 2 Pax Round Trip? Check it out below!


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