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iPhone 5 has Larger Screen Display

New iPhone 5 photos had been released, and it was almost confirmed the new upcoming iPhone would have larger screen display. According to MIC Gadget, iPhone 5 would have A5 processor chip to go with the bigger screen.

According to:
MIC Gadget –  the iPhone 5 screen between 3.7 and 4 inches.
Digitimes – says the screen will be 4 inches
WSJ – says it will include an edge-to-edge screen with no home button.
Joshua Topolsky – the iPhone 5 will be 3.7 inches.

So we can conclude iPhone 5 will definitely have bigger screen, varies from 3.7 – 4 inches. Other rumors will be released soon. So what do you think?


5 Time Management Tips for Affiliate Marketers‏

Many times, working online can be tough especially when you have many 5 Time Managment Tipsprojects on hand. Just like me, I’ve just created a new niche site, challenging myself to rank my keyword to the first page of Google asap.

Right after signing up for my domain and setting up my wordpress, work started to flow in. Not only I have to manage what I’m doing currently, I’ve to allocate some time for my new niche project. And importantly, I don’t want to overwork. Good time management is what I really need. Let me share my 5 time management tips on how to be a busy working employee and affiliate marketer.

1. Plan major areas of your work
Always plan in advanced before you start work. I always have a piece of paper to write down whatever comes to my mind. I’ll allocate 1/3 of my time to maintain all my current campaigns, 1/3 for any new project and keep working on it till it can run on autopilot, or least maintenance and the final 1/3 for myself. I can either read blogs or books to improve myself, or spend time with my family.

2. Get a to do list
Follow up from point 1, I’ll have a to do list all the time. At home, I’ll write on paper. I treat it like my diary and keep adding things in the list. Outside, I’ll use my iPhone and transfer on paper when I’m back. I like to organize my stuff and plan 1-2 month’s project in advance.

3. Track your time you spend working on campaigns
Handling many projects/biz can be tiring. It’s stupid not to track each and every one. Being an Engineer as profession, I like to crunch data and analysis them, dropping those no/low profit margin projects and move on.

4. 80/20 your campaigns
Follow up from pt 3, 80% of the profits come from 20% of my work. It’s important to find my best 20% projects and improve of them to maximize my earnings. In fact, I’ve changed lots of my Internet Business Model across the years with the expansion of social networking and changes in Google.

5. Leave the house
I don’t want to be stress out. I still remember in 2009 when I’ve so much business in hand that I totally lose myself. My temper was bad and sleep was way too insufficient, making my a walking zombie. I do not want to go back to that stage. Enjoy what you’re doing, get a life and relax. Come back and work after some rest. You’ll be more productive, trust me!

These are my 5 time management tips! So what’s yours? Share with me ok?

iPhone 5 Equiped With A5 Chip?‏

Apple A5 Chip

Apple was reported handling their best ever chip – A5 chip to developers. Reason is simple. Apple wants them to start developing faster and better apps for their up coming iPhone 5!

That’s a wonderful news for the consumers. With A4 chip that process faster than any models on the market, Apple again is set to beat expectations, bringing their fastest processor chip to iPhone 5.

However, even with the world fastest mobile chip, without an app that can fully utilized it’s capabilities to the maximum is as good as useless. Therefore, Apple wants developers to start developing high level gaming outfits that will fully changed the world gaming experience.

Hopefully we’ll be able to play more impressive game right? So what do you think?

Keyword Domains‏ No More Value In Google’s Eyes

Right after Google Farmer Update which basically killed thousands of website owners Keywords Domainsuch as Ezinearticles and Ehow, another update is coming up. This time, it’s keyword domains.

It’s seems that Google had changed its algorithm where they don’t appear to value the keywords in your domain name anymore.

This past month, a number of sites have been dropping in their rankings despite a long history of ranking high for their keyword phrases. The reason appears to be a significant change in Google’s algorithm where they don’t appear to give you as much value for the keywords in your domain name.

This is definitely why it’s VERY important to SEO the other elements that Google has in their algorithm like backlinks with great anchor text to your site, other on-page elements and having honestly a great overall SEO strategy that can get you through these unexpected and unplanned painful updates.

So will this change hurt you or push you? Let me know.

iPad 3 Rumors Begin Right After iPad 2

While people are busy buying iPad 2, rumors of iPad 3 started to surface. With the latest released, iPad 3 will come with a 2Ghz dual-core Samsung-CPU.

“A 2Ghz dual-core processor would significantly boost the current spec of the iPad 2, which operates with a 1Ghz dual-core processor. That’s already a big improvement over the original iPad, with many reviewers commenting on the improved speed performance of the latest tablet, so a processor twice the speed could be something pretty special, allowing for even more demanding apps to be developed.”

iPad 3 is scheduled to be released in 2012. So what do you think?

How To Attract Women – Have Long Ring Fingers!

I read a report today saying a study was done on what turned opposite sex on? And guess what? All the males present for the research had longer ring finger (4th finger) when compared to index finger (2nd finger)!

Basically, women find men with longer ring finger attractive.

According to the studies “Unveil intricate links between foetal exposure of males to hormones, the development of certain physical traits, and what turns on the opposite sex.

Earlier studies had already shown that the size ratio between the fourth and second fingers, especially of the right hand, is a reliable indicator of the extent a man was exposed to testosterone while still in the womb.

The bigger the gap between a longer ring finger and a shorter index, the greater the likely impact of the hormone.”

Take a look at my hand 🙂

My fingers