Why I Wanted To Start My Business – Part 2

Continuing from my previous post – Why I Wanted To Start My Business While Working. If you haven’t read, you can do so below:

Why I Wanted To Start My Business While Working

Ever since I started my online businesses, I stopped doing OT. I wanted to be clear what I want in life. I want FREEDOM. I want to go where ever I want to. I want to do whatever I want. I don’t want to be tied to a company working hours and hours of OT. To reach my goal, I set a plan. That was in year 2006. I want Financial Freedom, earning my income passively.

I did lots of researches. I endured temporary pain of losing OT money (thousands of dollars) every month. My boss became curious and asked me what was wrong with me. Everyone in my company was eager for OT, begging for more every week.

I realized there were only 2 ways I can earn my income:
– passively, no need to work everyday
– work anywhere I want in the world
– work anytime I feel like
– little or no setup cost
– potential of earning lots of money, and not fixed income every mth
– most importantly, able to retire young and rich

These 2 ways are: Internet Marketing and Trading.

Internet Marketing is basically marketing, using Internet rather than normal means of TV, newspapers, radio, etc …

Trading of course is through shares and stocks. I agreed both are not easy, but they definitely can be learned and done. I set my mind to master these 2 forms of income. Even it took me 10 years, I’ll still be able to retire earlier than most of my peers.

“The most expensive advise you can have is … FREE advise”
– Rich Dad

I read a lot after that. I wanted to have the knowledge as knowledge is king. I completely cut off my OT and stop hanging out with friends. I spent my weekends and off at home and library, reading and setting up my website. I subscribed to lots of blog posts through RSS and monitored what the Gurus are doing. I read financial news to keep up with the market.

My plan is to make lots of money, and invest the money to grow money.
Income from work and biz -> invest in stock market

In this way, I can make my money grow even faster. Of course that’s the ideal plan, I’m still far from achieving my goals. Anyway I don’t care. I’ll take a step a time.

I setup my first website. It looked horrible but I don’t care. I knew I would make lots of mistakes along the way. I would rather made mistake now then later, losing small amt of money now rather than losing more when I’m older.

At first, I did not have much money. I opened a free website using Freewebs.com. It allowed me to start testing and tried to start earning. My first website was about selling mobile phones. It was slow. Traffic was Zero to Low, less than 10 visitors a week!

I knew something had to be done. But more importantly, I did not have any time to do that. I had to quit my current job, my high paying job…

To be continue …


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