Journey From Shanghai To Rugao

After my stay at Tian Yuan, I had to continued my journey to Rugao. The weather was freaking cold, around 5c. It was not the cold that’s killing me, it was the wind. Despite having high rise buildings everywhere in Shanghai, they were still unable to block the battling winds that keep attacking me!

I took free shuttle van back to Airport, had a nice breakfast there as I knew I probably won’t have another meal till I reached Rugao. The bus journey would took us around 3-4 hours non stop.

The dishes were nice and prices were fair, considered in Shanghai airport. In Shanghai, you have to try the “Xiao Long Bao”, or called small dumplings. They were famous for that!

On top on that, I ordered spicy beef noodles to counter the cold, and my wife’s favorite bubble tea.

Spicy Beef Noodle

Bubble Tea

Shanghai Dumplings

Wife Eating Happily

We took bus no. 7 to Shanghai Long Distance Bus Interchange. It took us about 50min to reach. From there, we were totally lost. This was the first time we took official long distance bus back. Previous occasions, we were conned into private buses.

The interchange was huge, I meant, Singapore was nothing compared to it. There were local trains, domestic trains, buses, all linked up! People were rushing and pushing, trying to beat the crowd to grab tickets back home, especially during CNY period.

After asking around, we found our Bus Interchange was actually 20min away. We dragged our luggage there, queue up to buy tickets and stood there, waiting for our time.

Their buses were cramped, small, but better than I expected, considered the number of travelers everyday. I just prayed our bus did not break down along the way.
Basically we slept throughout the whole journey. Nothing to do, nothing much to see. The cold weather made us weary, draining our energy away.

Reaching Rugao was the happiest thing ever! Finally Home Sweet Home. We had our dinner and rest early. The next day, we had to go for our wedding shoot. Good night!

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