3% Pay Increment! Are You Kidding Me?

Job Sucks

Working as an employee has its good and bad. You don’t have to worry much about the business, just follow instructions daily and perform your tasks. End of the day, you can off your phone and have a nice sleep.

The only concern that employee has over entrepreneur, is the time when they have their pay increment. Days when the market was bad, well, being an employee was good. We still get paid and don’t have to worry about our next meal. But when the market recovers, this is the time when employees will be hit the most.

I’m both an employee and a small business owner. I liked my day job as it taught me a lot of things on managing daily activities and handling manpower, which of course will benefit me in the long run when I expand my business in the future. Currently I’m still happy working for others, especially my current company is considered one of the largest in Singapore, having more than 13,000 staffs, and still expanding!

This month supposed to be a good month as we’ll be having our bonuses and pay increment. Expectation was high as our company was making record earnings. I’m one of the pioneers and definitely hope company will take care of me, for my past contributions in setting and bringing up everything till this day. Inflation in Singapore was record high as well (4-5%), recovering well from the recession. Rumors were flying around claiming company will be paying us well to match the inflation rates.

On the day to receive our letters, everyone was waiting patiently, hoping for the best. When it was my turn to open my letter, I still pray the best. Turned out, it was a mere 3% increment! And my rating was considered one of the best!

After checking around, I realized some of my lucky colleagues were getting only $20-80 increment the most. A handful of them were not even given a single cent! They cursed and sweared, but what else can they do? I feel sad for them, and for myself as well.

So if you are a full time employee, you are 100% at your company’s mercy. Your fate and future doesn’t belong to you. How many times we have seen very hard working workers who do not get what they deserved, and how many times we have seen people who are good terms with the bosses and get all the credits.

Life isn’t fair, but working life isn’t any fairer. If you want to complain about low wages, hard and tough work, no prospect in career, nagging and demanding bosses, then why not step up and take the blame? Blame yourself why you still choose to work for your current company, why you do not get a raise or promotion, and most importantly, why do you allow your fate and future to be decided by your company and not yourself!

Step out of your career life and start building your business right now. Don’t wait for another 3% increment next year.


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