Why Not Register A Domain For My Blog?

Many of my friends emailed me asking how come I was not registering a domain for my blog. Well, I thought might well just blog about it.

First of all, this was not my first blog. I’ve been doing Internet Marketing for several years, having more than 25 blogs across these years. Each blog was targeted to each Niche I market. All these years, my blogs grew and subscribers increased without having to update them frequently.

When I was about to get married last year, I was suddenly very interested in documenting down my own life. Before that, I hate updating my status, telling people where I was, what I was eating, etc. But now, I decided to blog part of my life, my Internet Marketing business and the failures I faced along the way.

I was a loyal fan of John Chow, considered one of the best bloggers in the world. I read every single post and email he sent. The way he wrote was simple, and very updated with what’s happening in the world. Reading his blog was an excellence experience, finding out what a successful blogger who earned $40k/mth was doing everyday.

Back to my blog. I was motivated by John Chow of course, and wanted to follow the way he writes. My blog would not be established within days, weeks, or months. I track my subscribers and unique visitors everyday. I wanted to see how fast I can grow this blog before committed to it.

As you know, I was more of an Article Marketer, but now I wanted to move into blogging. It was not really to make money, at least for now, but rather to note down what I was doing everyday.

Once I had my target reached. I would register the domain vansontan.com and grew it. Hopefully that day will come soon.


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