Western Digital 1T Hard Disk

Oh no! My friend, who’s one of my photographers for my wedding, just passed me ALL my wedding photos they took that day, and it was over 10Gb! 14Gb to be exact. I found my Hard Disk space went into emergency mode. I was left with only 10Gb, which was definitely not enough for me.

HDD Full

I had to back up my files immediately, especially my precious photos. I can lose everything in my computer, but photos, they are very precious and I can never take a similar photo ever again, no matter how rich I am. Money can’t buy memories back!

I searched for Amazon and wolla! I found my ideal HDD – Western Digital My Passport Essential SE 1 TB USB 3.0/2.0 Ultra Portable External Hard Drive (Black). I ordered immediately, now waiting for them to send over, hopefully my computer doesn’t crash these few days.

I should have a habit of backing up my files frequently, especially when I’m into Internet Marketing business. But I’m too lazy for that. With this HDD coming, all I have to do is to plug in, copy and paste. My previous HDD was more troublesome. I had to power it, connect via USB and wait … It took around 2 min to detect, and needless to say, the transfer rate was horrible! With this new Western Digital My Passport Essential, I’ll backup more often.

Western Digital 1Tb HDD


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