The Stupidest Merchant Of All!

While I just checking my stats for my affiliate websites, I found 1 of my sites suspended! There was nothing wrong with my website, basically it was a simple 1 page landing page to promote a product that I was able to sell consistantly every month.

Without delay, I emailed the webmaster immediately to find out what happened. The reason I got was “Copyrighted” – Someone complained about me copying from another website. To my shock, the person whom complained was the merchant I was promoting his product!

This idiot did not even find out how many sales I brought him every month passively, and I believed he stumbled across my landing page and immediately filed a complaint of me copying his images. Of course I did that, I’m promoting his product! I need his images as proof.

Since I already had constant traffic to my landing page, I just have to change my merchant and promote someone else similar product. It’s very easy for me, just a few pics and hoplink will do.

I’m not sure what exactly this idiot is thinking. He can just stay home and collect money without doing any job, while I’m able to make sales for him. Instead, he complained about me using his images. Fine! That’s the end of our partnership. I’ll market someone’s else product.

So are you interested to find out who this idiot is? It’s Don’t ever promote his product!

Beat Kidney Diease


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