Finding Motels Near Shanghai, Pudong Airport

This trip back to my wife’s hometown, Rugao, was not my first time. Every time I touched down at Shanghai, Pudong Airport, I was exhausted. Finding a nearby, cheap motel was the first thing that come to my mind.

There were several choices when you’ve reached there. I decided to go with a 8min away motel called “Tian Yuan Feng Guang”. And never regret it.

Tian Yuan was about 6-8 min away from Pudong airport. They provide free to and from airport services. So all you have to do is to give them a call (021-33935336). They’ll arrange a location (usually level 3 gate 7) with you to pick you up.

The basic twin bedroom cost me around RMB200 per night. They provided free breakfast and the room was cosy. Is it cheap? Well, I’ve tried another motel just opposite Tian Yuan and it was horrible! Although it cost slightly cheap ~RMB150.

All I cared was safety and a nice place to stay, anyway I’ll just be staying 1 night, so RMB200 was fine. Besides I’ve became a member and I’m entitled to a 20% discount. You can too! All you have to do is to give them my Member ID (00303) and you’ll be entitled straight away!

Discount Coupons For Breakfast

The scenery outside was peaceful, considered it was only 8min away from Airport. You do not see high rise buildings here. There was a lake outside and even the air was so serene. That’s why I like it so much.

A nice small lake


So if you are finding a cheap motel in Shanghai, I recommend you to try Tian Yuan Feng Guang. It’s not the best or cheapest, but I find it’s value for money. Enjoy the stay!

My beautiful wife inside the room


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