Onlywire Starts Charging Fees

I’ve been using Onlywire for a few years. It used to be a good and free service, allowing us to socially bookmark our sites. As you know, I’m more into Article Marketing, distributing my knowledge through Articles whenever I’m free.

I used Onlywire to social bookmark my articles after they were approved. In this way, my articles will be picked up by Google faster (usually 1-2 days) and ranked higher for my keywords. The best benefit is, it’s fast! All you have to do is to just create your account once, and add their icon to your browser. That’s it. Whatever site you want to bookmark, you just hit the button and bingo! It’ll automatically send to all different, most popular social bookmarking sites.

In Feb 2011, the sad thing happened. Onlywire started charging fees to use their services. They believed they had established themselves as a leader in this social bookmarking industry to start charging money.

I thought of giving up using their services immediately as the fees they charges were too high. One fine day, I tried 1 last time to bookmark, I found a leak from their services. When your credits were used up, an error message would prompt up, indicating that your account was suspended. You have to either upgrade (pay the fees), or leave.

But ….. all you have to do is to close the error message box! And you’ll be able to continue bookmark! I don’t know how long it’ll last before they realized this bug, but right now, go ahead and push your sites higher using Onlywire.

If you have another alternatives besides using Onlywire, do let me know.

Onlywire charging fees


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