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Toughest Iphone 4 Case

Ever since Iphone came out, lots of casing appeared on the market. Some even

Griffin iPhone 4 Case

appeared before the iDevices were launched, such as Ipad 2 and Iphone 5!

With so many different casing, you may have a hard time deciding what to choose from. Casing usually cater to individual’s needs. Some like cute, pinky case, some like tough one.

One of the toughest iPhone4 case – Griffin Iphone4 Case was accidentally tested by a pilot. Apparently, one U.S. Air Force controller accidentally dropped his iphone4 1,000 feet above the ground. It survived along with its case, according to a report from TUAW.

“Combat Controller Ron Walker spent March 16 like he normally does: ensuring that his aircraft is in the proper position before sending parachute jumpers into the air. Unfortunately, this time, as Walker’s plane was cruising at 150 MPH and 1,000 feet above the ground, he accidentally dropped his iPhone 4.

Assuming his iDevice was lost forever, Walker, once on the ground, told his story of woe to others. Luckily, one of those colleagues remembered putting the Find My iPhone app onto Walker’s iPhone. Wonderfully, they found the phone’s signal and quickly recovered it, case and all.”

The iphone was completely undamaged, even survived without a scratch, due to the protection covered by Griffin Iphone4 Case. No doubt iphone can really take off to a new height!

You too, can get your Griffin Iphone4 Case now.


Iphone 5 Design and Capabilities

Ipad 2 had just launched in USA, and now the next hottest topic was non other than Iphone 5!

Rumors saying it will have a wider screen, better camera and the most obvious change will be without the Home Button.

Check it out and let me know what you think? Which is better? Iphone 4 or 5?

Iphone 5 Rumors

Why I Wanted To Start My Business – Part 2

Continuing from my previous post – Why I Wanted To Start My Business While Working. If you haven’t read, you can do so below:

Why I Wanted To Start My Business While Working

Ever since I started my online businesses, I stopped doing OT. I wanted to be clear what I want in life. I want FREEDOM. I want to go where ever I want to. I want to do whatever I want. I don’t want to be tied to a company working hours and hours of OT. To reach my goal, I set a plan. That was in year 2006. I want Financial Freedom, earning my income passively.

I did lots of researches. I endured temporary pain of losing OT money (thousands of dollars) every month. My boss became curious and asked me what was wrong with me. Everyone in my company was eager for OT, begging for more every week.

I realized there were only 2 ways I can earn my income:
– passively, no need to work everyday
– work anywhere I want in the world
– work anytime I feel like
– little or no setup cost
– potential of earning lots of money, and not fixed income every mth
– most importantly, able to retire young and rich

These 2 ways are: Internet Marketing and Trading.

Internet Marketing is basically marketing, using Internet rather than normal means of TV, newspapers, radio, etc …

Trading of course is through shares and stocks. I agreed both are not easy, but they definitely can be learned and done. I set my mind to master these 2 forms of income. Even it took me 10 years, I’ll still be able to retire earlier than most of my peers.

“The most expensive advise you can have is … FREE advise”
– Rich Dad

I read a lot after that. I wanted to have the knowledge as knowledge is king. I completely cut off my OT and stop hanging out with friends. I spent my weekends and off at home and library, reading and setting up my website. I subscribed to lots of blog posts through RSS and monitored what the Gurus are doing. I read financial news to keep up with the market.

My plan is to make lots of money, and invest the money to grow money.
Income from work and biz -> invest in stock market

In this way, I can make my money grow even faster. Of course that’s the ideal plan, I’m still far from achieving my goals. Anyway I don’t care. I’ll take a step a time.

I setup my first website. It looked horrible but I don’t care. I knew I would make lots of mistakes along the way. I would rather made mistake now then later, losing small amt of money now rather than losing more when I’m older.

At first, I did not have much money. I opened a free website using It allowed me to start testing and tried to start earning. My first website was about selling mobile phones. It was slow. Traffic was Zero to Low, less than 10 visitors a week!

I knew something had to be done. But more importantly, I did not have any time to do that. I had to quit my current job, my high paying job…

To be continue …

Journey From Shanghai To Rugao

After my stay at Tian Yuan, I had to continued my journey to Rugao. The weather was freaking cold, around 5c. It was not the cold that’s killing me, it was the wind. Despite having high rise buildings everywhere in Shanghai, they were still unable to block the battling winds that keep attacking me!

I took free shuttle van back to Airport, had a nice breakfast there as I knew I probably won’t have another meal till I reached Rugao. The bus journey would took us around 3-4 hours non stop.

The dishes were nice and prices were fair, considered in Shanghai airport. In Shanghai, you have to try the “Xiao Long Bao”, or called small dumplings. They were famous for that!

On top on that, I ordered spicy beef noodles to counter the cold, and my wife’s favorite bubble tea.

Spicy Beef Noodle

Bubble Tea

Shanghai Dumplings

Wife Eating Happily

We took bus no. 7 to Shanghai Long Distance Bus Interchange. It took us about 50min to reach. From there, we were totally lost. This was the first time we took official long distance bus back. Previous occasions, we were conned into private buses.

The interchange was huge, I meant, Singapore was nothing compared to it. There were local trains, domestic trains, buses, all linked up! People were rushing and pushing, trying to beat the crowd to grab tickets back home, especially during CNY period.

After asking around, we found our Bus Interchange was actually 20min away. We dragged our luggage there, queue up to buy tickets and stood there, waiting for our time.

Their buses were cramped, small, but better than I expected, considered the number of travelers everyday. I just prayed our bus did not break down along the way.
Basically we slept throughout the whole journey. Nothing to do, nothing much to see. The cold weather made us weary, draining our energy away.

Reaching Rugao was the happiest thing ever! Finally Home Sweet Home. We had our dinner and rest early. The next day, we had to go for our wedding shoot. Good night!

Why I Wanted To Start My Business While Working

Why Start Business

This is a frequent question I’ve been asking myself daily. Why am I working so hard? My basic pay doesn’t consider low, why do I have to work double hard, managing work and business concurrently?

When I graduated from University Of Queensland, I told myself I must succeed no matter what. First important thing when I arrived in Singapore was to find the highest paid job available. I wasn’t the lucky few who managed to get a job fast. It took me around 3 months before I landed my first job. But it was the highest paid job among my friends.

I was ecstatic. With my pay, I thought I was like David Beckham, spending as much as I wanted without thinking. The amount was equivalent to a manager, or senior manager’s pay. The drawback was … I heavily depend on OT to hit that amount.

I worked roughly 72 hrs of OT every month, which meant that I totally sold myself to my company. Although the money was attractive, I hardly had any time for my family and friends. I looked at some of my senior colleagues, although they were in their late 40s, they had to continue working OT to meet their monthly needs. This loop was never ending and if they did not break free, they had to work very hard till they retired! This was NOT right!

I decided to take some action. I did not want to sell myself for money. I wanted to have free time with my family and friends. I wanted to travel around the world, living a carefree and stress free life!

The first action I took was – I read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. This book really opened my eyes to the financial world. How money was made and mostly importantly, I learned a new word called “Passively”. From then onwards, I wanted to make my income passively. Whether I worked or not, it would not affect my income!

Since I made up my mind, I had to take further action. I could not just resign my job and started my business without proper planning. I did not know what I wanted to do. Even I knew, I did not have the time to manage. I looked for help by reading, reading lots of books. I read the whole collection of Robert Kiyosaki’s books, Adam Khoo was next. All taught me the same thing – make a successful passive income.

I was very interested in Computer. When I was 17 years old, I got my first computer with internet! The feeling was so shiock! Using IRC and ICQ was a daily task for me. I love internet! Without much longer, I knew I wanted to make my income Online!

These were the few reasons why I chose to start an online business.
– allow me to do my online business while working.
– build my business worldwide.
– no rental fees, no goods, no capital needed.
– work anywhere in the world.
– work anytime I want whenever I feel like working.

There were tons of reasons why online home businesses were good. So I decided to give it a try. This is how I started my online businesses.

In the next few posts, I’ll walk you through step by step how you can build your businesses passively like I do, excluding the mistakes I made, which means you can succeed faster than I do!

You can jump start HERE to start your Internet Marketing Business right now!

3% Pay Increment! Are You Kidding Me?

Job Sucks

Working as an employee has its good and bad. You don’t have to worry much about the business, just follow instructions daily and perform your tasks. End of the day, you can off your phone and have a nice sleep.

The only concern that employee has over entrepreneur, is the time when they have their pay increment. Days when the market was bad, well, being an employee was good. We still get paid and don’t have to worry about our next meal. But when the market recovers, this is the time when employees will be hit the most.

I’m both an employee and a small business owner. I liked my day job as it taught me a lot of things on managing daily activities and handling manpower, which of course will benefit me in the long run when I expand my business in the future. Currently I’m still happy working for others, especially my current company is considered one of the largest in Singapore, having more than 13,000 staffs, and still expanding!

This month supposed to be a good month as we’ll be having our bonuses and pay increment. Expectation was high as our company was making record earnings. I’m one of the pioneers and definitely hope company will take care of me, for my past contributions in setting and bringing up everything till this day. Inflation in Singapore was record high as well (4-5%), recovering well from the recession. Rumors were flying around claiming company will be paying us well to match the inflation rates.

On the day to receive our letters, everyone was waiting patiently, hoping for the best. When it was my turn to open my letter, I still pray the best. Turned out, it was a mere 3% increment! And my rating was considered one of the best!

After checking around, I realized some of my lucky colleagues were getting only $20-80 increment the most. A handful of them were not even given a single cent! They cursed and sweared, but what else can they do? I feel sad for them, and for myself as well.

So if you are a full time employee, you are 100% at your company’s mercy. Your fate and future doesn’t belong to you. How many times we have seen very hard working workers who do not get what they deserved, and how many times we have seen people who are good terms with the bosses and get all the credits.

Life isn’t fair, but working life isn’t any fairer. If you want to complain about low wages, hard and tough work, no prospect in career, nagging and demanding bosses, then why not step up and take the blame? Blame yourself why you still choose to work for your current company, why you do not get a raise or promotion, and most importantly, why do you allow your fate and future to be decided by your company and not yourself!

Step out of your career life and start building your business right now. Don’t wait for another 3% increment next year.

Why Not Register A Domain For My Blog?

Many of my friends emailed me asking how come I was not registering a domain for my blog. Well, I thought might well just blog about it.

First of all, this was not my first blog. I’ve been doing Internet Marketing for several years, having more than 25 blogs across these years. Each blog was targeted to each Niche I market. All these years, my blogs grew and subscribers increased without having to update them frequently.

When I was about to get married last year, I was suddenly very interested in documenting down my own life. Before that, I hate updating my status, telling people where I was, what I was eating, etc. But now, I decided to blog part of my life, my Internet Marketing business and the failures I faced along the way.

I was a loyal fan of John Chow, considered one of the best bloggers in the world. I read every single post and email he sent. The way he wrote was simple, and very updated with what’s happening in the world. Reading his blog was an excellence experience, finding out what a successful blogger who earned $40k/mth was doing everyday.

Back to my blog. I was motivated by John Chow of course, and wanted to follow the way he writes. My blog would not be established within days, weeks, or months. I track my subscribers and unique visitors everyday. I wanted to see how fast I can grow this blog before committed to it.

As you know, I was more of an Article Marketer, but now I wanted to move into blogging. It was not really to make money, at least for now, but rather to note down what I was doing everyday.

Once I had my target reached. I would register the domain and grew it. Hopefully that day will come soon.