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Wedding’s Over Finally …

It’s been a while since my last post. I know, I know I have been lagging in my blog, I’ll update more often from now on.

I was so busy preparing my wedding, which was on 20/02/11. I was so glad it was finally over. I was dead tired by then. For those who was still single, please prepare your wedding 1 year in advance. That’s my advise to you.

Let me break down what I have been doing these few weeks. On 26 Jan, I flew to my wife’s hometown in Rugao, China. It was snowing there and I was totally not used to the climate. Not only I took my wedding photos over there, it was Chinese New Year and we had to visit her relatives everyday! I hardly had anytime to rest.

Not surprising, I fell sick there, but reluctant to see the doctor there for several reasons:
– too many bad feedbacks about doctors in China.
– when I visited the clinic, there wasn’t any certificate there indicating he was certified to practice medicine. I suspected it was family business and the current doctor just learned medicine from his father.
– my father-in-law took an injection. The doctor did not even wear gloves when handling patients.

These reasons were strong enough to make me think twice before visiting any doctors in China, unless I was really dying.

I flew back to Singapore on 10 Feb, and it was just 10 days away from my wedding! Not only that, I was scheduled to report back to work immediately on 11th Feb as the company was short of manpower. You can imagine I had to multitask myself to work, prepare my wedding and bring my in-laws out. And don’t forget my body wasn’t still condition back yet!

The 10 days passed rather fast, maybe I was too busy too think of anything else. I basically split my time in such a way:
Morning – do my Internet Marketing business. My business was on hold during that period!
Evening – bring my in-laws out for dinner and scrolled around Singapore!
Night – Tidy my house for wedding.

On the wedding day (20/02/11) itself, I was so tired until I hardly feel excited. My wife felt the same too. We just follow the procedures like fetching the bride, tea ceremony, followed by banquet.

When it was time for the guest to leave, I suddenly felt a huge stone was released from my shoulder! I felt so light and very excited! Thing’s over! We shook hands with guests, thank them for coming and eventually, we left for our hotel.

These were some of our photo shoot in China.