Nail’s Eden – Singapore Top Nail Painting Services

While i’m writing this post, I’m waiting for my wife to finish her part time job as a medicure beautician. The boss warmly welcome me in as it would take a while more before my wife finished her work.

Sitting inside the shop – Nail’s Eden, the dim lightings, soft music and the cosy environment really make me relax, able to peace out my mind from my hectic schedule. The pretty shop owner treats me nicely, despite first time meeting me, treating me with drinks and pastries.

I sat behind the scene, escape from views of the customers. I’m able to clearly hear their conversations, gossiping with news and the latest trend in town. There were a total of 4 beauticians working tonight, excluding the lady boss. They gave me a kind of “happy family” feeling, which makes me want to come back more often if I’m their customers.

The beauticians would serve warm tea, chat and make sure the customers have a unique scene of belonging as part of this “happy family”. No wonder this is the only shop that are still operating at this hour (it’s 11:01pm)!

So if anyone wants to try some nail painting, I’ll highly recommend this warm, small shop at 1st floor of Orchard Emerald, called Nail’s Eden. Remember to say you’ve read from Vanson’s blog to get a discount.


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