Busy Week – Preparation for Wedding and Holiday in China

This week had been really fruitful for me. I’ve done most of my wedding preparations, including purchasing my new blazers, pants, leather shoes. Had my hair cut and dye yesterday, giving me a completely new image for my upcoming wedding photo taking ~ 2 weeks later.

Work had been smoothly, and now everyone’s guessing how much bonuses are we getting. 4 months? That’s enough to make me happy 🙂

My adsense was going crazy, I had another record breaking day – whopping <USD$70 a day! And my clickbank income just burst to the top! What did I do right? Well I guess I know the importance of SEO. Having close to 20 websites to manage is no easy task, but definitely worth taking care as if they are my babies, especially when I see the passive income coming in.

Next 2 weeks will be a test for me. I’ll complete stop writing articles and marketing, to see if the income will sustain, or if drop due to Chinese New Year Season, how much it’ll drop.

I’m very excited about my coming long trip to Ru Gao, China – hometown of my lovely wife. I had hard time convincing her parents for our marriage, and this is the first year we’ll be going back together. It’s freezing cold over there now, and I’m making sure I’m keeping fit to make it a smooth, enjoying trip.

I’ll not be bringing my laptop this time, just me and my iPad. I want to see how much I can push my iPad to work for me, probably only blogging! Well that’s enough, I’m not going there to work anyway.


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