4 Hour Work Week – Bloody Nice Book!

I’ve just finished reading Tim Ferriss book – 4 Hour Work Week. This book has been on best seller list since 2007, so there’s definitely some magic about it. So what’s so special about this book?

First of all, it talks about the dream of ALL human, whether you agree of not – Freedom! Humans are tied to work and money now, unable to free themselves from their own trap they’ve made. So Tim taught pol how we can escape the usual 9-5, and live the dream we want.

Not only that, he showed us by working less, we are achieving more. We have time to do things we’ve always thought of doing when we retired, without sacrificing our money. In fact, we can make more along the way!

It truly talk about the lifestyle he’s having and how to overcome the obstacles we’ll face along the way. This is one lifestyle I truly want and really amazed by how he had done it!

Right now, check out this life changing book:


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