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Cathay Airlines Broke My Luggage

I took flight from Singapore to Hong Kong, before flying to Shanghai. The stay at Hong Kong was nice and short, my wife and I took our dinner there, before transiting to Shanghai.

When I touched down at Shanghai, I was already dead tired and freaking cold. The temp dropped to around 7c then, from sunny Singapore of 28c! I just wanted to get to my hotel asap, but when I collected my luggage, I found one side of the wheel was completely ripped off!

I dragged myself to the complain counter and thankfully, without much effort, the airline staff knowledge their faults and exchanged 1 new luggage of same size to me.

I was quite pleased with their services and gladly took the new luggage and left.


Nail’s Eden – Singapore Top Nail Painting Services

While i’m writing this post, I’m waiting for my wife to finish her part time job as a medicure beautician. The boss warmly welcome me in as it would take a while more before my wife finished her work.

Sitting inside the shop – Nail’s Eden, the dim lightings, soft music and the cosy environment really make me relax, able to peace out my mind from my hectic schedule. The pretty shop owner treats me nicely, despite first time meeting me, treating me with drinks and pastries.

I sat behind the scene, escape from views of the customers. I’m able to clearly hear their conversations, gossiping with news and the latest trend in town. There were a total of 4 beauticians working tonight, excluding the lady boss. They gave me a kind of “happy family” feeling, which makes me want to come back more often if I’m their customers.

The beauticians would serve warm tea, chat and make sure the customers have a unique scene of belonging as part of this “happy family”. No wonder this is the only shop that are still operating at this hour (it’s 11:01pm)!

So if anyone wants to try some nail painting, I’ll highly recommend this warm, small shop at 1st floor of Orchard Emerald, called Nail’s Eden. Remember to say you’ve read from Vanson’s blog to get a discount.

Busy Week – Preparation for Wedding and Holiday in China

This week had been really fruitful for me. I’ve done most of my wedding preparations, including purchasing my new blazers, pants, leather shoes. Had my hair cut and dye yesterday, giving me a completely new image for my upcoming wedding photo taking ~ 2 weeks later.

Work had been smoothly, and now everyone’s guessing how much bonuses are we getting. 4 months? That’s enough to make me happy 🙂

My adsense was going crazy, I had another record breaking day – whopping <USD$70 a day! And my clickbank income just burst to the top! What did I do right? Well I guess I know the importance of SEO. Having close to 20 websites to manage is no easy task, but definitely worth taking care as if they are my babies, especially when I see the passive income coming in.

Next 2 weeks will be a test for me. I’ll complete stop writing articles and marketing, to see if the income will sustain, or if drop due to Chinese New Year Season, how much it’ll drop.

I’m very excited about my coming long trip to Ru Gao, China – hometown of my lovely wife. I had hard time convincing her parents for our marriage, and this is the first year we’ll be going back together. It’s freezing cold over there now, and I’m making sure I’m keeping fit to make it a smooth, enjoying trip.

I’ll not be bringing my laptop this time, just me and my iPad. I want to see how much I can push my iPad to work for me, probably only blogging! Well that’s enough, I’m not going there to work anyway.

4 Hour Work Week – Bloody Nice Book!

I’ve just finished reading Tim Ferriss book – 4 Hour Work Week. This book has been on best seller list since 2007, so there’s definitely some magic about it. So what’s so special about this book?

First of all, it talks about the dream of ALL human, whether you agree of not – Freedom! Humans are tied to work and money now, unable to free themselves from their own trap they’ve made. So Tim taught pol how we can escape the usual 9-5, and live the dream we want.

Not only that, he showed us by working less, we are achieving more. We have time to do things we’ve always thought of doing when we retired, without sacrificing our money. In fact, we can make more along the way!

It truly talk about the lifestyle he’s having and how to overcome the obstacles we’ll face along the way. This is one lifestyle I truly want and really amazed by how he had done it!

Right now, check out this life changing book: