Want To Grow Business

I’m always interested in doing business, and able to start easily. My problem is – how to grow bigger?

I’ve tried several biz before, HP biz, properties, selling bags, Internet marketing, etc … Most of them are doing ok, but not good enough and they’re eating up a lot of my time. I’ve decided to close most of them, freely time for my Internet marketing biz only.

Now, how do I grow it?

Previously I’m focusing on Clickbank only, earning decent income, but only 1 source of income. My conversion was about 1-2%, pretty normal. I’ve 98% of traffic wasted. I decided to revamp my landing page, adding in Adsense to see what will happen.

Guess what? My conversion wasn’t affected at all, and my adsense income skyrocketed at once! My CTR was around 3-4%! Now after further optimizing my landing page, now I’m converting at total of 6-8%!

I’m pretty happy with the results. Now next step is to improve my traffic. I’m not happy with my Article Marketing conversion. Need time to study again.


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