Monthly Archives: December 2010

Want To Grow Business

I’m always interested in doing business, and able to start easily. My problem is – how to grow bigger?

I’ve tried several biz before, HP biz, properties, selling bags, Internet marketing, etc … Most of them are doing ok, but not good enough and they’re eating up a lot of my time. I’ve decided to close most of them, freely time for my Internet marketing biz only.

Now, how do I grow it?

Previously I’m focusing on Clickbank only, earning decent income, but only 1 source of income. My conversion was about 1-2%, pretty normal. I’ve 98% of traffic wasted. I decided to revamp my landing page, adding in Adsense to see what will happen.

Guess what? My conversion wasn’t affected at all, and my adsense income skyrocketed at once! My CTR was around 3-4%! Now after further optimizing my landing page, now I’m converting at total of 6-8%!

I’m pretty happy with the results. Now next step is to improve my traffic. I’m not happy with my Article Marketing conversion. Need time to study again.


Preparation for wedding – Buying gown for wife

Xiaofen wanted to buy her wedding gown asap, so today since I was free, I decided to be a nice husband, accompany her whole day to look for her ideal dress. We went bug is first, but unable to find any nice looking one that suit her. In the end, we decided to go Suntec, which is bigger and higher chance of landing one.

Indeed, we went Sogo and found her ideal piece immediately. Price was nice too. We decided it was the one,

Evening time, we accompanied mum to buy fridge at Imm before going Jur Pt to look for flat. What a tiring day!

First post from my iPad!

After collecting my passport at Chinatown, I’m idling at the KFC there, waiting for my wife to finish work.

At mean time, I decided to try the new WordPress iPad app. It’s indeed cool to blog from anything other than my house. After this try, I’m pretty sure I’ll blog more often. Right now, I’ve to select a nice theme for my blog.

I’ve just completed a simple Montage, eager to show my wife. There’re a lot of improvements to be made, but well, that’s good enough for today.

Preparation for my wedding more or less done, just need to fine-tune some minor details. I’ve to confirm the name list asap, as well as collecting the invitation card tomorrow. Let it be a successful one pls.